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Shinoken & Hecks Case Study


Shinoken & Hecks Pte Ltd is a team of tightly-knit real estate agents offering professional real estate services. They have carved out a niche market for themselves by specializing in private and residential properties for rent and sales. Beyond just dispensing real estate advice, agents in Shinoken & Hecks have also been entrusted in managing properties for various clients ranging from expatriate staff, to local and foreign investors.

Challenges FaceD

As a publicly listed company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Shinoken & Hecks Pte Ltd faced greater challenges in their accounting practices.

Some of the challenges that Shinoken & Hecks Pte Ltd faced were:

  • Move from annual to quarterly financial reporting
  • Rigorous audit procedures
  • Establish technical accounting standards


Xero is a powerful cloud accounting software that allows Shinoken & Hecks Pte Ltd to access it from any device. It can generate have real-time information of finances anytime, anywhere.

With Xero, Shinoken & Hecks can:

  • Create multiple dashboards with accurate customized reports
  • View original documents alongside financial data
  • Quickly reconcile bulk transactions daily

Benefits of xero

Running an agency in the real estate industry can be complicated.  However with Xero, Shinoken & Hecks can now streamline their workflow, and spend more time providing invaluable service for their clients.

Below are some benefits that Shinoken & Hecks enjoys:


Xero Accounting App

Stay connected while on the move and run your business anywhere and anytime


Real-Time Collaboration

Get better control of your cash flow by collaborating with your accountants, bookkeepers, and staff easily


Sync to Third-Party Apps

Gain deeper insight into your financial health and seamlessly sync Xero with hundreds of third-party apps


Flexible payment Options

Cater to your clients’ needs with various payment options including Stripe & Paypal

Xero Tools that Shinoken & hecks uses

Customised Xero Dashboard

Stay on top of your finances at a glance with Xero’s online accounting dashboard. Customise your dashboard and review your running balances and reconciliations across all accounts.

Smarter Contact List

View the consolidated transaction history and email correspondece of all your contacts in one place. You can organise and create lists and groups for similar contacts.

Easy Online Invoicing

Create customised templates for your invoices for a professional look. Make it easy for customers to pay you by integrating third-party payment services.

Automated Workflows

Set up repeated online invoices for recurring invoices. Maintain professional relationships by setting automatic reminders as a gentle reminder to clients.

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Xero has helped many businesses with all their bookkeeping and accounting needs. With a cloud-based system, it is much easier to manage your e-invoices. Furthermore, a strong audit trail ensures that each invoice is trackable.

Whether you are already a Xero-partner or not, get in touch with us to share the accounting needs of your business. We will advise you on your next best steps.

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