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Mescalon Case Study

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Mescalon Pte Ltd is a digital marketing and consulting agency that focuses on data-driven approaches to help businesses achieve their business objectives. At Mescalon, each client is treated just like a business partner, sharing a similar business goal which is to maximise profitability. As an agency, Mescalon is committed to helping our partners gain sustainable competitive advantages. They do this by combining a  data-driven approach with knowledge gained from years in digital marketing to deliver outstanding results.

Frustrations Faced

With a growing list of client-partner accounts and multiple projects with each, Mescalon needs a way to track and update each financial record efficiently while maintaining smooth business operations.

Some of the issues Mescalon faced were:

  • Disjointed payroll and expenses system
  • Inaccuracies in cash-flow forecasting
  • Difficulties in calculating and managing SST returns

Xero’s Solution 

Xero is a powerful cloud accounting software that is easy to use. By switching to Xero, Mescalon can streamline its invoicing and payroll systems efficiently.

With Xero, Mescalon is able to :

  • Track and view expenses in real-time
  • Keep financials up-to-date and check the financial health
  • Automatically calculate and prepare SST returns

The Smarter Online Accounting

With Xero, Mescalon can focus on running and growing their business knowing that the tedious numbers are well taken care of. As a digital marketing agency, the implementation of automated tasks is a key strategy for its business. With everything in one place, Xero makes running the business easier and less complicated.

Here are some of the features that Mescalon loves about Xero:

Reconcile Pay Runs

Calculate deductions, pay wages, and record leave at one place for your employees.

Track Financial Health

Manage your cash flow wisely and get a clear overview of your account payable records.


Easy SST Management

Run sales tax report to prepare and complete the SST forms for selected periods.

Simplify Expense Claims

Capture costs, track expenses, approve and reimburse claims quickly. Use this data to monitor business expenditure.


Online Filing System

Manage and share files securely and safely anytime and anywhere. Upload original receipts to view records all in one place.

Accurate Accounting Reports

Customize the dashboard to review your business performance and keep track of specific KPIs at any time.

Business Impact on Mescalon


Less Time Spent On Accounting Admin


Stronger Business Relationships With Punctual Bill Payments

Faster Invoice Payment Using Stripe and Other Services

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Get Your Business Ready

Xero has helped many businesses with all their bookkeeping and accounting needs. With a cloud-based system, it is much easier to manage your e-invoices. Furthermore, a strong audit trail ensures that each invoice is trackable.

Whether you are already a Xero-partner or not, get in touch with us to share the accounting needs of your business. We will advise you on your next best steps.

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